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Every Citrina plant is special – we know we raised each one from seed. For over three long years we have watched seed become sapling, which, with careful nurturing, would finally become the stunning plant that grows and flourishes today.
Your Citrina is a wonder of nature, one born out of love and raised with affection - and one that we are sure will receive the same care from you… because we know you’ll feel the same way we did. It’s a personal connection – and as you look to pick out your Citrina remember: it’s as much about the Citrina choosing you.

One Shipping Cost - no matter how many Citrinas you order, the shipping cost stays the same!*
(*Up to 10 Citrinas. Except Portugal and Spain)


Lamai / Hystrix

type Mini-Stem, Trellis

This Citrina is from the East, it is our Asian cousin. It is sometimes called Hystrix, Thai lime, Makrut Lime or Kaffir Lime (...)

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