with edible and delicious fruit from our citrus plants


All of our citrus plant varieties produce certified edible fruit, each with their own distinct flavour and characteristics.

Your Citrina is not simply for decoration, it is a unique fruit tree developed to grow delicious miniature fruit that taste as good as they look. A kitchen or home with a Citrina will enjoy fruit straight from the branch; and nothing tastes as good as heathy food.

Our trees have been lovingly nurtured to give only the finest natural ingredients. Citrina fruit is highly versatile, letting you experiment with anything from cocktails to desserts to main dishes – and wowing guests with your home-grown produce. With so many exciting possibilities, you will be keen to start playing in your bar or kitchen straight away…so to help you get started here are some tried and tested recipes for each of our fruit varieties…


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Calamondin - Oriana Risotto doce de Calamondin


Calamondin - Oriana
Calamondin Sweet Risotto

Lima Kaffir - Lamai Sopa Thai com Tofu e folhas de Lima Kaffir


Lime Kaffir - Lamai
Thai Soup with Tafu and Lime Kaffir Leaves

Lemon Lakeland - Lyvia Tiramisu de Limão Lakeland


Lemon Lakeland - Lyvia

Lemon Lakeland Tiramisu

Kumquat - Ophelia Kumquat Nagami com mousse de chocolate


 Kumquat - Ophelia
Kumquat Nagami with Chocolate Mousse

Meyer Lemon - Lisa Tartlet merengue de Limão Meyer


Meyer Lemon - Lisa
Lemon Meyer Meringue Tartlet

Lima Kaffir - Lamai Vieiras com Lima Kaffir e Caril Verde


 Lima Kaffir - Lamai
Scallops with Lime Kaffir Green Curry