Watering Sensor 16cm

One of the biggest challenges in plant care is watering: how often should you water to get the best care for them?

The Westland watering indicator shows you the right time for watering.

BLUE Compost has enough moisture

RED Plant needs to be watered (if your plant is a lemon/Lime, it requeres more watering, so the display should be 90% red + 10% blue)


Insert the watering indicator into the root ball of the plant up to the bottom of the display field. Do not remove or turn for reading, otherwise the sensor will be damaged.

Water your Citrina heavily and let it drain.

Depending on the size of the pot, the display on the indicator will turn BLUE after approx. 1-2 hours. Depending on the water requirement of the plant, the watering indicator changes its color back to RED within a few days, so that watering has to be started again.


Water your Citrina again when the display on the watering indicator is RED.

We recommend replacing the sensor every 12-18 months.


Offer of Watering Sensor 16cm in each plant with white Citrina pot.

(Will be added at the time of packaging)


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