Vegetable and fruit trees Compost

In the springtime your Citrina likes to feel fresh compost around its roots. This helps keep your plant comfortable – and will help it to thrive.

For this reason, we chose the 5L Urban Vegetable with Peat, vegetable compost and guano fertilizer, the ideal substrate for planting vegetables, fruit and herbs, which ensures better support for your growth.

Guano fertilizer guarantees the natural nutritional elements needed for the first 3-5 weeks. Adds flavor and aroma to fruits and vegetables.

It is a natural fertilizer unique in its kind for its high nutritional content, whether organic or mineral. Its origin, it is composed by the organic deposits of seabird metabolism, make it a natural and highly efficient organic fertilizer.

PH 5-6,5 compost used in organic farming and complies with Regulation 8CE) 834/2007 resp. (EC) 889/2008, inspected by ECOCERT.

Store in a dry place and close tightly after use.


How to repot?

Product Dimensions:

37cm x 24cm x 5cm / 5L / 2,090Kg


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