100% seaweed extract (Ascophyllan nodosum)

This organic liquid fertilizer is used to encourage plant growth, strengthen their roots and increase plant resistance to diseases and, in particular, to the stress caused by poor irrigation management (with episodes of lack or excess of water in the potting soil) and the stresses caused by severe temperature oscillations.


How to apply?

Dilute five drops from the drip bottle for every 100 ml of water. The PLANT FOOD organic liquid fertilizer must be diluted in water and applied by spraying on the leaves for good coverage.

Shake the PLANT FOOD organic liquid fertilizer well before preparing the new solution.

Apply using a sprayer. Discard the prepared solution after 48 hours.


PLANT FOOD organic liquid fertilizer should be applied fortnightly from March to September and monthly from October to February. Spraying with PLANT FOOD organic liquid fertilizer should preferably be carried out in the morning or at the end of the afternoon, outside the hours of strong sunlight.


Avoid applying to recently transplanted plants.

50 ml in glass bottle with rubber and glass pipette.



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