LEAF CLEANSER natural soap for plants acts as a washing agent, contributing to the dissolution of impurities in water and facilitating their elimination.

When in direct contact with the waxy layer that covers soft-bodied insects, which include the main pests of house plants - aphids, whiteflies, mites, mealybugs, and thrips - LEAF CLEANSER natural soap for plants can lead to irreparable damage to the breathing mechanism that results in insect death.  It is a natural and biodegradable product.


How to apply?

LEAF CLEANSER natural soap for plants must be diluted in water and applied by spraying on the leaves and stems. Dilute five pumps from the dosing bottle for every 100 ml of water. Avoid applications on days with high teperature.

Gently shake the LEAF CLEANSER natural soap for plants before preparing the new solution. Apply using a sprayer. Remove excess product with dirt residues with a clean cloth or kitchen paper. Do not use the same cloth or paper on different plants to avoid contamination between plants.

In dirty plants, or plants with many small leaves, use a shower to remove excess product and residues to facilitate correct washing.

If you want to add neem oil + natural soap for plants, you should add 2 pumps of natural soap + 5 drops of neem oil to 100ml of water.

Avoid applying to water-stressed or recently transplanted plants.

Discard the prepared solution after 48 hours.


How frequently should I apply it?

Plants should be cleaned once a month with LEAF CLEANSER natural soap. The frequency of application can be increased, without exceeding a minimum interval of 4 days between applications, if there is an accumulation of dust on the leaves or if detected the presence of insects on the plant.


2000ml Glass bottle with plastic pumper.


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