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Remarkably cold hardy, the Fortunella was introduced to the US from Japan in 1885 and Europe in the early 20th century. Osha is a cross between this standard and a Citrus reticulate – creating a totally different hybrid.


Often referred to as the oblong or teardrop kumquat due to the shape of its fruit, Osha is a highly productive plant, presenting a healthy crop of fruit from April onwards…with spectacular results. One of the most attractive of our range – Osha is an extremely attractive plant with stunning, dark orange – almost red – fruit that are considerably larger than the Nagami kumquat. In any room or patio – Osha will stand-out as a talking point. Recently the kumquat has become quite the fashionable delicacy and can be used to make all manner of preserves and marmalade. As delicious as it is beautiful – Osha is a fantastic plant for any home... Note: The Kumquat family needs less watering than all other citrus varieties.