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Oksana is known as Hong Kong Kumquat. This species grows wild in Hongkong and in the Chekiang and Kwangtung provinces of China. This Kumquat is apparently of ancient origin, for it is rather widely distributed in the wild and is undoubtedly the chin chu (golden bean) or shan chin kan (mountain golden mandarin) described by Han Yen-chih in 1178.


From all the Kumquats we have, the most distinctive feature of this Fortunella Hindsii is that she has the smallest citrus fruit of the family and the plant that give us more fruits in quantity. It is interesting to know that the fruits of this variety appear to be the smallest fruits of all citrus varieties. With an intense orange color and dark green foliage, the charming Oksana will show its beauty in the Autumn/Winter, when there are not many other plants with color. Note: The Kumquat family needs less watering than all other citrus varieties.