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Oceana is an intriguing member of the citrofortunella group, these plants, known as cold hardy citrus, are hardier and more compact than their relatives. Known for their distinctive small acidic fruit, they make excellent ornamental plants – none more so than Oceana. The orangequat is a cross between a Satsuma mandarin and a Meiwa kumquat, first hybridized by Dr. Eugene May in 1932. The mandarin is an important citrus plant – bearing the only sweet fruit among the parental species.


With larger leaves than a standard, generic kumquat, Oceana stands out from the crowd with a characterful eastern look. Like any kumquat, they maintain a small, compact form – but with much denser, dark green foliage. An exotic variety, the plant produces mature fruit from March and July, with a stunning display of vivid oranges provided by its miniature mandarin fruits. The mandarin is known as the sweetest of the citrus fruits, and although not quite as sweet due to the influence of the kumquat, Oceana lives up to its parent’s reputation with a delicious fruit with a subtle, sharp twist. The fruit are highly attractive, with the look of a bonsai mandarin, making Oceana a fantastic decorative choice for an eastern dish or, with its distinctive taste, as part of a fusion style cuisine.