Lisa 12cm Variegated Pink (without fruit)


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Known for its origins as being from southern California, the pink variegated lemon is a plant that stands out for its ornate leaves, which have color variations between green and yellow. The new foliage grows in a stunning fuchsia hue. In addition to its charming appearance, the variegated citrus lemon is also appreciated for its pleasant citrus aroma, which can perfume the environment in a natural and refreshing way.


Although our Variegated Lemons are sold without fruit at the moment, the future fruits of the variegata lemon have stripes and a pink color inside, making them not only visually attractive, but also unique in flavor. The acidity of the lemon is softened by a touch of sweetness compared to a regular lemon, which makes this fruit an interesting choice. Furthermore, the colorful, scratchy rind of the variegated lemon can be used as an elegant addition to gourmet dishes. . Many chefs appreciate this variety for its complexity and the peculiar complexity of flavors it offers.