Mother's Day Set 19 cm

Castelbel scented sachet set from the Algarve Coast + CITRINA 19cm Diameter

And because our mother always deserves the best, we bring together the best of nature and the Algarve in a special set.

Fragrances that transport us to a holiday by the sea, to the freshness of the sea and the unmistakable aroma of the sweet and juicy oranges of the Algarve.

A citrus scent, relaxing and inspiring.


Castelbel scented sachet from the Algarve Coast:

Made from Portuguese cork that absorbs and releases the aroma in a slow and prolonged way, using an exclusive technology from Castelbel. Smaller but with a delicious fragrance, this sachet is ideal to take in your travel bag and perfume your clothes.

AROMATIC NOTES: Sea salt and orange

Brand: Castelbel


Orders until April 26th. Limited to existing stock.

(Set includes 19cm Diameter Plant with plastic Vase + Scented Sachet)

Sachet weight 0.09 g

Sachet dimensions (L x W x H) 0.3 × 9.93 × 13.5 cm



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