Citrina gives you the opportunity to create a personalized and special gift.

In addition to offering a unique plant, you have the opportunity to include a personalized pot with a special message. Magic happens when you free your imagination by giving the vase a personal touch. Whether it’s a symbolic phrase, a doodle or simply initials, the possibilities are endless…

Imagine your child presenting their mother or father with a Citrina in a personalized pot, a gesture that not only brings nature into their space but also reflects their creativity. A memory forever.

"Childhood is the time of greatest creativity in a human being's life" Jean Piaget

All you have to do is select your favorite plant or leave your selection to us. By clicking on "Citrina Surprise" we will select our most beautiful plant at the moment and you don't need to worry anymore.


KIDS Pack includes:

Plant 12 cm diameter with white ceramic pot

4 Quick-Drying Waterproof Edding Colored Permanent Markers (Color Mix)


LIMITED EDITION to existing stock.




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