How can I take care of my Citrina?

Please check our website on “Care” page and get the best instructions to take care of your Citrina.


How often should I give water to my Citrina in a week?

Please check our website on “Care” page and get the best instructions to water your Citrina. However, you should have in mind noted that varieties such as kumquat require less frequent watering than the other citrus varieties. It is also important to remember that larger citrus fruits with more foliage and more fruit will need more water than a citrina that has few foliage or few fruits.


Can I repot my Citrina? What is the best season to repot it?

Yes, you can repot your Citrina. The best season is the spring. Please check our website on “Care” page and get the best instructions to repot your Citrina.


Can I put my Citrina outside my house?

Your Citrina is an indoor plant. You also can put your Citrina outside but not with direct sun or not exposed to very low temperatures. (Min.: 5 degrees)


How long the fruits stay in the plant?

When the fruits of your Citrina are fully mature, they will last in the plant for 3 to 6 months. Oriana, Onika and Ophelia are the plants that hold on for longer their fruits.


Will my Citrina have fruits again?

Yes, next year you will have new flowers and new fruits in your Citrina.


The flowers are fallen, is it normal?

Every year your Citrina will produce an intensely perfumed flowers and fruits. Then the flowers will fall and the fruits will remain for some months.


Can I eat the fruits?

Citrina uses the latest biological products and biological pest control to ensure that all the plants have fruit that are completely safe to eat or cook with. All Citrina plants have VitaCerta and MPS Certification.


Will my Citrina last for many years?

If your Citrina likes their environment where she lives, she can last for many years. 


How long my Citrina stay with this size? It grows a lot?

It is normal that your Citrina will grow naturally. If you want smaller as possible, you can maintain the same pot as much as possible and prune it on spring. If you want that grows a lot, just repot on spring for a bigger pot and let it grow.


What is the difference between mini stem and trellis?

Mini Stem and Trellis are different shapes. Mini Stem is a round shape and in trellis your Citrina will be supported with a plastic frame. It’s only a question of preference or option.


Can I take out the trellis?

Yes, the trellis is a plastic frame that you can take out. Just, please be careful when you take out the rings not to break the branches.


The leaves are fallen, is it normal?

The leaves will start dropping if you over water or if you underwater. It could be that you have always put water in the saucer at the bottom of the pot. If the soil doesn’t have a chance to dry out a bit, no air can get in and the roots suffocate, and the leaves drop off. Alternatively it may have dried out over a weekend and the leaves fell off. Be careful and don't put your Citrina near the heating system. Lack of light is another cause of leaf fall, it is important to place your Citrina in a place with a lot of natural light.

Please check our website on “Care” page and get the best instructions to water your Citrina.


My plant will be transported in good conditions? How many days I can expect to arrive?

Our packaging has been designed to carry the Citrinas as safely as possible. In some cases there may be some problems during transportation, in this case, as it is beyond our control, send us an email as soon as you receive your Citrina and we will deal with your situation the best way possible.

Depending on the country of destination, delivery days may vary.

In a normal situation, the minimum will arrive the next working day and a maximum of 5 working days after registered at the post office.