The Tastes of Citrina


All of our citrus plants have their own characteristics – and their own flavour – but they all have one thing in common: each Citrina has been grown with love. We are passionate about each of our trees and each one has been carefully hand-nurtured by our skilled team. This means that when you harvest the fruit from a Citrina you are tasting all the care and love that we have poured into each one.

The best food is made with similar passion – and with the best natural produce. Citrina grows with the same philosophy; that for the best results the crucial ingredient is care. That’s why our fruit makes for such a versatile ingredient in all manner of recipes and cocktails…it is part of the modern way of looking at food - high quality produce grown with a loving hand.

As you bring your Citrina into your kitchen you will take over this caring process and will be rewarded edible fruit that will transform dishes with their unique flavours and look. A cocktail will be given a sharp twist, a dish a subtle bitter-sweet complexity.

With a Citrina in the kitchen you have all the flavours of the citrus groves ready to be plucked straight from the branch to the glass or dish – natural, fresh, zesty and vibrant. Our plants are naturally inspiring aesthetically, but they are also the perfect muse for adding a unique signature element to your cocktail and dinner parties. And all grown by yourself – grown with love.