Keeping Your Citrina and Houseplants Happy (Or…How to Make Your Houseplants Love You...) Part 2

Giving your houseplants the wrong amount of light

All plants will appreciate growing conditions that are similar to those of their native environment. Check those care instructions - and plant details - again to find out whether a particular variety prefers full sun or indirect lighting…and don’t forget to open up those curtains first thing every morning, you lazy thing you…


Healthy plants need to be re-potted in a larger container or given a fresh potting mix once in a while – they will outgrow their old homes or find that theirs in need of refurbishment. In fact, some gardeners repot plants shortly after bringing them home. Don’t go for a huge jump in pot size though; too large a container means too much soil, which will hold excessive amounts of water and may cause root rot – our care page can help find the right new property for your Citrina.

Choosing the wrong soil

Go for high quality organic soil (not the stuff you can dig up from the average backyard, which is too dense and might harbour pests or diseases). Select a kind that is suited to the needs of your plants — for example, sandy and fast draining for cactus or heavy and clayey for geraniums. Your Citrina will need a special soil designed for citrus plants – they are quite discerning characters, and not just your standard houseplant you know…

And a happy plant is a healthy plant.