Growing Together: Citrina and MPS Certification

Citrina’s relationship with MPS began as we looked to ensure that we not only produced the highest quality of edible fruit – but that our customers understood just how important this was to us. To best communicate this, we sought to to obtain the first certifications, the MPS A-B-C in 2005, then the MPS-GAP and later the MPS-SQ. In 2017 we obtained the Global GAP certificate that certifies our edible fruit and the GRASP certificate in 2018 that certifies the working conditions of our employees. Wearing these labels on a product requires meeting a unique combination of standards in durability, reliability, hygiene and transparency – all of which were the fields that we felt expressed our own diligence in our Citrina range. These are also fields that play a crucial role in customer perception, with the ecologically-responsible modern-day consumer becoming more and more inspired by feelings and emotions when shopping…wanting to be sure that whatever he buys has been grown safely, cleanly and sustainably.

And of course, this perception affects how chain stores, and the retail trade in general, approach sourcing, reflecting their customer’s desires with an unwillingness to take any risks when it comes down to the ecological “cleanness” of a product – and expect their suppliers to not only meet consumer expectations but be able to promote their diligence as well. These certifications fulfills both needs perfectly, not only is it the respected gold-standard inside the industry - but also a perfect marketing and communication “tool” outside of it. By earning these certificatee, we can show both our retailers and their customers alike that Citrina products are not just delicious and attractive – but also healthy, sustainable and safe. By using an independent company, we have ensured the highest standards within our company and the strongest expression outside of it.

So how did we earn these labels? Through a rigorous inspection process involving daily registration, analysis of leaf and fruit samples and audits by third parties that provided us with a clear picture of our product, techniques and methodologies. All this can then be used to give our customers an insight into how we work and how a Citrina plant is produced – in short, a fast, transparent chain of communication and understanding from the planting of each seed to the eventual owner of every Citrina.

Everything from sustainable concerns and environmental impact during production is considered to the most exacting standards, from the responsible use of energy, fertilizers and water to CO2 footprints. This means that we are not just claiming an ecological product, but working hard to ensure we are producing one too – and that any of our customers can easily find out just how far we go to make sure each Citrina plant lives up to this.

Our Citrina production team in Portugal and sales division in De Kwakel have always believed that the traceability of our products is of the highest importance. With independent sampling, we can now confirm which substances are present in any of our plants - especially important because all of our Citrus plants (in particular our lemon, calamondin, and kumquat varieties) are used extensively in the kitchen.

What makes the certifications scheme the perfect fit for us is what we share…their fields and requirements have never been combined in one single certificate before - just like our trees broke new ground with the unique combination of a distinct look and great tasting. Citrina and MPS are dedicated to the same things, a passion for the highest of quality with a unique, progressive product. It’s helped us both to grow together.