A Fresh Start for Citrina

A new brand, a new website...welcome to an exciting new chapter in the history of Citrina. With our new identity uniting our business interests in Portugal, the Netherlands and beyond, we are proud to launch our new range of Citrina plants…and our new website to let the world know all about them. 

Our decorative citrus plants are all about vibrancy, something we wanted to bring into our branding and website. A fresh new look that fits our range of plants perfectly, while also demonstrating why every one of our plants are so special. Each of our Citrina range is more than an ornament, lovingly raised with a character and personality of their own – and providing their own unique edible fruit. 

We are passionate about our citrus plants – that’s how we have managed to grow and nurture them for over thirty years. A family company we provide our plants with the care and attention necessary for the highest quality miniature citrus fruit. We love our plants - and we know their owners will feel the same. 

With care advice, variety origins and characteristics, recipes and up-to- date news and tips from our blog we want our website to develop our community of partners and owners – encouraging them to help nurture our own growth as we have done with each of our plants. 

That way we can all help to grow healthy and happy – and share the fruits of our successes.