4 Reasons to buy Citrinas online?


Being able to be comfortably at home reading everything about each variety, doing your research, adding your favorite products to your cart... All this, without having to travel just one km, is priceless! With a couple of clicks you can choose the plant of your dreams and have it delivered to your door, healthy, safe and perfect.

We understand that clients are afraid when they want to make online order, but the future is now and buying online is super confortable. If you have never made an online purchase and have questions about the whole process? Give us a call, we'll be happy to help.



Transport is one of the main fears that customers have when buying plants online. We want to reassure you that our packaging has been designed and thought out to protect all plants and fragile accessories during transport. Of course, unforeseen events happen, but we are here to solve them.

Sending your plant is so important that we choose the 1 business day delivery service after leaving our nursery when the destination is Portugal Continental/Spain/Netherlands. When the destination is for islands or other countries in Europe, we always use the fastest option so that the plant spends as little time as possible in transit.



No one better to support you in deciding which Citrina to choose than the producers themselves. Your Citrina leaves directly from the field and from our greenhouses to your home without first having to undergo rigorous travel and lack of watering throughout the journey...

In addition to the decision in choosing, we support the purchase online if you need help or if you do not feel comfortable making your purchase through the website.

Aren't you going to be home that specific day or do you want to offer a Citrina on someone special's birthday? We always consider the request of our customers and if you want to schedule your delivery for later, just fill in the date you want to receive it in the remarks field that is available at the end of the purchase.

We will do our best!



The after-sale of plants is more/as much important than the sale itself.

Plants are living beings that need constant maintenance and support. If you have any questions or need help because your plant is not adapting to the new space, we are just a message away.

We don't want just sell, we also want the customer to be satisfied and think of Citrina when buying plants again.

Therefore, we are available on weekdays between 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm by phone or via email or instagram, facebook or whatsapp message. We will respond as soon as possible.