Exclusive Set 50 Years

In 1970, British couple Andrew and Lindsey Henley-Welch dreamed of creating a citrus tree nursery in a warm, sunny place.

In 1972, a small maternity was created to provide the trees for the orchard patio. Word got around and shortly afterwards they started supplying citrus trees to farmers for the rest of Portugal. Then, in the 1980s, Andrew and Lindsey diversified into ornamental plants and very soon became internationally recognized as 'the European experts in miniature or dwarf ornamental citrus plants'.

We currently produce 1.5 Million of a range of citrus houseplants with certified edible fruits and distribute in 32 European countries - the result of 50 years of passion for this most beautiful, aromatic and practical of all houseplants.

To mark this very special date, we created an exclusive 50 YEARS Set.

Limited to existing stock.


This set includes:

1 Oriana 14cm bush full of colorful fruit in vase Citrina (humidity sensor offer)

1 Citrina exclusive Tote Bag

OFFER of 1 Clay Jar, ivory, handmade in Portugal, resistant and sustainable.


Jar dimensions:



Valid promotion from 2022-07-01 to 2022-12-31

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