Natural insecticide - neem oil extract

LEAF PROTECTOR natural insecticide for plants is a blend of hydrophobic clarified neem oil extract with olive oil and lavender essential oil.

It eliminates insects such as aphids, whiteflies, mites, mealybugs, and thrips. This mixture of neem oil also eliminates fungus and controls its proliferation. Its repellent properties help protect plants from further pest attacks.


How to apply?

Dilute five drops from the drip bottle for every 100 ml of water. This oily mixture is not diluted directly with water, so add a drop of liquid soap to allow an emulsion to form.

LEAF PROTECTOR natural insecticide for plants must be applied in diluted form. Use a sprayer to apply the diluted product directly to visible insects and fungi on the plant. Inspect stems, leaf bases, and the inside of young shoots. Ensure good coverage of all visible insects and fungi.

Leave the LEAF PROTECTOR natural insecticide for plants to work for no more than 2 hours and remove excess product, insects, fungi, and other residues with a clean cloth or kitchen paper. In plants with small and abundant leaves or plants that are very attacked, a shower can be used for a quicker and more efficient washing of the plant with lukewarm water. Do not use the same cloth or paper on different plants to avoid the passage of insects between plants.

Discard the prepared emulsion after 48 hours.


How frequently should I apply it?

Insects and fungi control: weekly until insects and fungi are eliminated. It can be used preventively after treatment to prevent a recurrence.


Preventively: Monthly during the six months following pest control.

50 ml in glass bottle with rubber and glass pipette.