Why do my Citrina leaves fall?

Yes, plants suffer from stress too! Too much or too little watering, lack of natural light, pests cause stress in your Citrina, releasing its leaves as a “survival” instinct.


#1 Insufficient light: All natural plants need a lot of light for their photosynthesis. Your Citrina is no exception! Find the brightest place possible in your home and move your plant until you see that she is comfortable.


#2 Overwatering: Watering too much or leaving water in contact with the roots for several days can cause leaves to fall. The mixture cannot dry causing root asphyxiation and consequent leaf fall.


#3 Less watering: If you let the substrate dry out too much or water too little, the water will immediately come out of the drainage holes and not reach the roots.

If that happen, we recommend that you start watering slowly and in small amounts. This will allow the substrate to moisten properly. In the following waterings, you should water normally.

In the case of lemon trees, we noticed that they receive less water when their leaves turn yellow and fall.


#4 Pests: Very intense infestations cause wilted leaves, leaf fall and fruit loss.


Remember, every Citrina is unique; different varieties may require different care. Keep an eye on your green friends and respond to their needs.