How do the fruits of CITRINAS develop?

How do the fruits of CITRINAS develop?

In all citrus fruits, the quality and quantity of the fruit directly depend on the success of the flowering stage.

Citrus fruits are self-pollinated , but several studies show that there is an increase in productivity, fruit quality (weight and quantity of juice) and an increase in the number of seeds when using bees in their pollination.


Which factors help flowering?

After a physiological rest, spring is one of the main booster for flowering in citrus.
Water stress is another factor that induces flowering.
Foliar fertilization is essential for the productive cycle. We recommend that you fertilize your Citrina more frequently during the hot months when the sun is weaker.
Pest control. When the flower is affected by a common citrus pest, it can compromise the development of the fruit.


1.White bud

2. Full Flowers

3. Petal drop stage

4. Fruit Set

5. Green fruit

6. Start coloring

7. Colored fruit

8. Full Color


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